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Public speaking course: Become a more confident speaker and memorize ...

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A public speaking course: The following post is a transcription of a course I’ve given on public speaking. It will sound as if I’m talking more than writing, but that’s the point–it’s a full transcription of the spoken word. I hope that you enjoy it and that it gives you ...


Brainstorm Your Fall Speeches Now Before Summer Ends

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In some corporations, people wait until the fall for major speeches. It’s a way to give updates on the company or to hold a conference before the holiday rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s an easier time to get employees together once the summer vacations are over. For my friends ...


7 Brainstorming Questions for End of Year Company Speeches

30-Oct / 0 COMMENTS

It’s time for end-of-year bonuses and holiday party speeches and toasts by CEOs and team leaders. While you should definitely keep your remarks short (and ditch any powerpoints with flow charts), you should also come prepared with what to say than trying to wing it. Here are some questions that ...


Tips on how companies can work with external speechwriters

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My role in working with companies is when the CEO or president needs help putting together a speech. Usually it’s for an important event and the current staff members just don’t have the time to help put it together or want an outsider’s perspective on the speech. Here are some ...


How does the speechwriting process work? How will you match my voice ...

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That’s usually the first question I get (even before how much does a speech cost?). I’ll admit, speechwriting is a bit of a weird task. You are asking someone else to write the words that you ultimately going to say and be responsible for. There’s a lot riding on that. ...


How much does it cost to hire a speechwriter?

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What do you charge? It’s a question that every freelancer in any field has to answer. After all, we don’t have publicly available data like we do for cars or houses. We can look those prices up online before we shop and have a reasonable idea of what to pay. ...


Bad advice for writing keynote speeches

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Listen to any broadcast game, especially football. You’ll get great pieces of advice like this, “The key to victory today, is that whoever puts the most points on the board is going to win.” “Well, the team that keeps the ball and moves it down field will have the advantage.” ...


Changes Coming to Custom Speechwriting

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I hope that your holidays were restful and peaceful. For 2018, I will still be writing speeches for my clients but I will also be branching out to offer other services that some of you have asked for throughout the past few years. You will also receive emails on a ...

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