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Campaign Speech Series: How to run for office

03-Apr / 0 COMMENTS

You might be asking yourself, “How do I run for mayor, how do I run for city council, how do I run for school board, how do I run for state legislature?” Beyond filing the right paper work, you will need to craft and refine a campaign speech that resonates ...


Give an effective speech by understanding the importance of the ...

27-Mar / 0 COMMENTS

There’s a memory effect called “primacy and recency.” Essentially, the human brain remembers best what it hears first and last—the stuff in the middle is forgotten at a much higher rate. It’s why the opening statements and closing arguments in court cases are so important—the best trial lawyers rehearse them ...


Change your mindset when it comes to public speaking

24-Mar / 0 COMMENTS

In my quest to make these emails more regular, here is the kickoff email for what I hope turns into a book. Whether I’m talking to clients or just anyone about public speaking, I always get the response, “I’m no good at this, I won’t improve.” That’s a fixed mindset. ...


Public Speaking Training Online

22-Mar / 0 COMMENTS

I’m trying something new with my online system. I’ll still be writing speeches, but many have asked if I could offer online public speaking training. I did this with a few clients recently and it worked well. No one had to fly me out to their place of training and ...


Improve public speaking: 7 Ways Speakers Sabotage Themselves Before ...

01-Dec / Powerpoint-Public Speaking Delivery-Speech Writing / 0 COMMENTS

Speakers looking to improve public speaking should focus on the habits holding them back. Sometimes speakers will sabotage their best efforts on stage before they speak. Whether it’s the manner in which they prepared their presentation or because they run out of time, avoid these 7 mistakes to prevent self-sabotage ...


Thank you speech: gratitude in end of year speeches

30-Nov / Speech Writing / 0 COMMENTS

As a leader, you’ll often be called upon to give a thank you speech at the end of the year to your employees. Whether it’s something formal at the winter party or just a few words right before a long break, your employees will appreciate hearing a thank you speech ...


Fear of public speaking tips: Permission to fail

26-Sep / Public Speaking Delivery / 0 COMMENTS

Fear of public speaking tips: Permission to fail. It’s OK if you aren’t too perfect when you get up to speak. Many speakers grow up with this idea in their head that their speech must be perfect. That somehow you have to take what you’ve written and deliver it exactly ...


Improving Public Speaking Skills: What the 10,000 hour rule gets wrong

25-Sep / Public Speaking Delivery-Speech Writing / 0 COMMENTS

You might have heard of the “10,000 hour rule.” Researchers looked at chess players and others at the top of their game and found that to reach “expert” level in a field, you needed about 10,000 hours of practice. Some say that it can be applied to any field, including ...

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