Ghostwriting Services for Busy Leaders

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Ghostwriting services are more common than many think. Think back to the last in-flight magazine you read. The CEO of the airline probably didn’t write the page-long welcome message. Did you read a fantastic article in Forbes by a top executive? They at least had an editor or thought-partner help with the content even before it reached the magazine’s editor’s desk.

One question that seems to pop up more often is, “Do you write things other than the speeches?”

Yes—either from scratch, or as an editor, I can help make your writing more clear, direct, and memorable.

Here are the most common ghostwriting services that busy leaders seek and how I can help you with them:

Case studies for companies—show off how you solved your customers’ problems

White papers—perfect for lead generation when you exchange the white paper for an email address

Website copy—does your website need a facelift? I can help with the writing. When everything is online, having average content isn’t enough. You have to be found by Google; you have to write in your customer’s language.

Newsletters—plan out their content in advance and then just press send

Press releases—let’s not only write a press release together but put together a media pitch strategy so that it gets to the right reporters that write about your industry

Important articles and blog posts—let me help you write an article that gets you noticed. I can also help with pitching the idea to an important publication before we even write it.

Everyday writing—whether it’s an email, team-wide memo, or just something that has to get done, let me help you focus on the rest of your work while I take care of the writing.

Thought leadership development—let’s put together a content strategy where you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Let’s talk about how I can help you out with ghostwriting services to make your work easier. Email me:

Eddie Rice

Eddie Rice

Eddie is a speechwriter and public speaking coach. His clients include CEOs, college presidents, business owners, and government officials. Email him: eddie@customspeechwriting.com
Eddie Rice

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