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Send me your speech (either written or videotaped) and I'll give you feedback via a full written report.

When it comes to public speaking training, the options are fairly limited. You can hire a coach at a high amount per hour or attend an in-person class that may not give you the exact help you need. Online systems of coaching and feedback are hard to work when internet connections and scheduling can be spotty.

Each report includes a specific category of public speaking and speech writing with the following ratings: Enhances/Good/Neutral/Detracts

Each category will get one of the following ratings: Enhances, Good, Neutral, Detracts. Rather than saying if a portion of a speech is “good” or “bad” I like to use the barometer of whether or not that portion or aspect of the speech enhances or detracts from the overall message. Sometimes, though, portions are going to be neutral and that’s OK. You don’t need every single part of the speech to be amazing. You might be someone whose hand gestures aren’t necessary for the speech but don’t get in the way. In that case, that portion would receive a neutral rating. But let’s say that you are telling an expressive story and your gestures help tell it, in that case, that portion would receive “Enhances.”

Each report will contain the following categories as applicable with ratings and comments.

(Please note that some categories may apply more often to some speech types rather than others--you wouldn't find too many statistics in a wedding toast!)

Writing and structure of the speech:

Main Point





Main Body

Argument Structure

Effectiveness of evidence to support argument


Use of statistics



Word Choice

Speaker's Delivery of the Speech:


Tone and Voice Inflection:

Verbal Tics:

Emotional Effect Upon the Listener:

Slide support quality and transitions:



Hand gestures:

Next Steps:

1. Choose your speech length. If it's a written speech, assume a speaking rate of 145 words per minute to gauge how long it is. Take your total word count, divide by 145, and you should have a good estimate of the length of the speech on paper. If you want me to just focus on a specific aspect of the speech, send an email (see below) letting me know that. Choose the speech length based on how much you want me to review (e.g. 5 minutes of a 20 minute speech would be the "10 Minutes and Under" option below). For speeches over 20 minutes, please email me for a custom quote.

Rates for speech length:

10 Minutes and Under: $75
11-15 Minutes: $113
16-20 Minutes: $150

2. Send me your speech. Send me an email: eddie@customspeechwriting.com with a link to your speech or the speech itself. If the speech is too big to attach, feel free to use DropBox, Google Drive, or a private YouTube link.

3. Once I have the speech, I'll send you a full report and critique within 3-5 business days via email. In the report, you'll receive comments on the aspects mentioned above plus an overall summary of the effective parts and the parts needed for improvement.

4. If you want another review after you have integrated the feedback, repeat the same process as above. If you want to talk through the speech comments over the phone, we can set up a time to talk via email. Sessions are $35 per 30-minute segments.

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Do you live in Cleveland, OH, or any city in northeast Ohio? We can make arrangements to meet in-person and work on your next presentation. I work out of Launch House in Highland Heights, but we can make any in-person public speaking training session work.


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