How to write a graduation speech series

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Congratulations on being selected to give a graduation speech! This series will walk you through how to generate graduation speech ideas, give you graduation speech examples, and give a step-by-step process for how to write a graduation speech. One of the largest struggles for any graduation speech is to say something new or interesting that isn’t steeped in cliches. What do you say to new graduates beyond “Follow your dreams” and “Never give up?” This series will answer that question and more. The best way to write a graduation speech is to start with your personal story and then draw lessons from it that the graduates can use in their lives. The stories you tell don’t all have to be stories of success. In fact, the more you talk about the challenges you’ve faced in life, the more authentic you will appear to the audience. A short story-driven speech from a place of authenticity will be remembered far longer than one filled with general platitudes.

This series will be divided into the following sections:

First: How to use past successful graduation speeches as good examples and sources of inspiration
Second: How to use those examples and find inspiration for your graduation speech from your own life
Third: How to take the ideas and organize them into an effective commencement speech outline
Fourth: How to write and revise the speech so that you have a powerful opening, moving closing, and clear theme throughout.
Fifth: How to practice so that you appear poised and confident on the big day

Whether your speech is in a few months or not until next year, this guide will help you put it together well in advance of graduation. I want you to be able to deliver a message that resonates with the graduates and one that makes their important day even better.


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Eddie Rice

Eddie Rice

Eddie is a speechwriter and public speaking coach. His clients include CEOs, college presidents, business owners, and government officials. Email him: eddie@customspeechwriting.com
Eddie Rice

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