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Hire a speech writer and presentation coach for keynote speeches, executive addresses, TEDx talks, ceremonial speeches, and more.

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You don't have the time to do it all. You need an expert; you need to hire a speechwriter. Maybe you have a big fundraising event or are introducing a major change at your company. You need the right words to get your message across effectively. Other times, you have an existing speech that needs an update from a fresh set of eyes. The speech needs to be more persuasive, needs new ideas, or needs a larger impact. Hire a speechwriter to make your speech resonate with your audience.

Speech writing and Presentation Training Services


Whether it's the initial words or a set of practice sessions for your big speech, you should hire a speechwriter to help you out. Let's work together to create a powerful message that resonates with your audience.

Speech writing and editing

Let me help you find just the right words. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a speech written, I can help you convey the message that will resonate with your audience.

Public Speaking Training

Need to run your presentation with a coach before the big day? Do you have certain habits that are holding you back from being a great speaker? I can provide one-time and ongoing public speaking training sessions to help you become an authentic and captivating speaker.

Blog, Op-Ed, and Article Writing

Often times speakers need content that will appear on their blogs, in a newspaper, or in a magazine, which will help reinforce their message. Let me help you craft effective articles that will continue spreading the message of your speech after it's done.

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My approach to speech writing


These are my principles as a speechwriter:
  • Your Voice: Your speech should sound like you. Your comfort level with the words increases the confidence of your delivery.
  • Storytelling: People tune out speeches that are nothing more than information thrown at them for 60 minutes. Stories help to anchor the facts and information into your audience's memories.
  • Stage Directions: The words on the page are not enough. The speeches I write are similar to scripts—you get guidance for timing, pauses, volume, etc.
  • Quick Turnaround: The turnaround time is usually 7-10 days for a first draft after we have our initial conversation and upon completion of the audience and speech survey. It is important to deliver drafts early in the process in order to make the feedback and work process more efficient for both of us.
  • Get it right: Any speech comes with two rounds of revisions along with the possibility of more. It is more important to me that the job is done right rather than just done to get over with quickly.
  • Teamwork: It is my goal to work with you on your speech. I value your input and your ideas; it is my job to amplify them and make them shine.
As a speechwriter, I can write any of the following speeches:
  • CEO Remarks
  • Keynote speeches
  • Best man, maid of honor, father/mother of the bride wedding toasts
  • TED and TEDx Talks
  • Retirement speeches
  • Ceremonial speeches: Commemorations, awards acceptances, and galas
  • Government policy speeches
  • Political campaign speeches
  • Startup business pitches
About me:

eddie rice hire a speechwriterMy name is Eddie Rice and I've been a speech writer for over 8 years. As an executive speech writer, I've worked with  CEOs, college presidents, government officials, and business owners. Let me help you tell your story. Your words can move your company and your people to action; they can make the difference between a lackluster or thriving culture. Chances are, you don't have enough time to craft the perfect speech. It's important for any leader to delegate tasks--let me help you. I've won regional and national awards through various public speaking competitions.

My past clients have given speeches to groups as small as 10 people to over a 1,000. The right speech fits the size and needs of its audience. It's my belief that anyone can become a good speaker with the right words and the right amount of effort. Let's get started on that speech that will inspire the hearts and minds of your followers.

What will this cost?

You are also probably wondering about pricing. Here is a blog post that details what goes into the pricing for a speech along with my rates.

What is the whole process from start to finish?

Here is another post where I lay out the general speechwriting process.

What if I need help with practice and delivery of the speech?

You can read my course on public speaking tips here. I can also coach and provide feedback via Skype or recorded videos you send to me.

I am also a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association and American Copy Editors Society:

I've written for the following clients:
  • CEOs
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Military Officers
  • Non-profit Executives
  • College Presidents
  • Business Owners
  • Government Officials
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs

Contact me and let me know how I can best help you with your next speech.


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Wow! From start to finish Eddie was a true professional. The speech he wrote for me was exactly what I needed. The stage directions which accompanied the speech was a great added bonus! I would definitely recommend Eddie to anyone needing speech writing services! A true talent.--Maria
Eddie is terrific to work with. He total understood my requirements, was fast and timely in delivering work product. The product was well conceived, error free, highly conceptual and professional. He wrote in my voice. Without a doubt, I will seek his advice and assistance in any future speech that I may deliver.--S.A.

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Eddie has been a great help putting my presentation together, his writing skills are excellent and I was very happy with the final product. Eddie even assisted with a few changes after the project was finished.--N.S.
Great speech writer! I definitely will recommend him to anyone. Eddie did a great job to help me improve my speech. His work is professional and done on time. I will hire him again with no doubt. M.H.



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Sometimes this contact form won't take submissions. If that's the case, just email me: eddie@customspeechwriting.com